I have worked with Katrina for over 4 years she is reliable and punctual. Katrina has supported me in  a few of my past talent shows for young people, raising awareness for chronic conditions such as Dementia and empowering young people through performance such as song, dance and Spoken word. Katrina assisted me in the photos to be taken at my past shows and I have worked with her on some other projects from time to time. Katrina has created a bespoke sphere of different photos that I have used for my own personal and professional development.

Katrina is able to give an ideal of the layout and the backdrop for any photography idea and supports you in the steps to achieve the realistic ideal picture, she is able to tailor her experience to support you in what you would like to achieve.

Katrina is the ideal person for all of your photography needs, and you will be very happy with the results that you can achieve whilst working with her.

Adam Hughes
Soundcheck Organiser. (previously known as Purley Soundcheck)

Just gotta big up the I for the photos, they're too hard ya know. Katrina captured some great vibes. And the way she edited them was epic, iconic Seen ….


Majical, RU1FAM

I was very impressed with the images I have already seen on Katrina's Facebook page, but I really got to witness Katrina's skill first hand by posing as a model for one of her photoshoots. The results of this shoot were totally mesmerising. With good composition and subtle use of lighting, she has managed to capture what I guess many photographers strive for; a picture that can express so much more emotion than words ever could.
"Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography." George Eastman

Alex Tinlin , @tinlinmusic

Seunarayan Photography is a great company who delivers what they promise. Their photo grading and lighting positioning is second to none. They have excellent time keeping and are very professional. Their photos are amazing, I have worked with them a few times and will continue to do work with them. I like the behind the scenes of the stage performance they had taken of me .

Mee , @mee_instagram

Katrina delivered a professional level of service when doing a photo shoot for products we sell.  The images came out better than expected, I was very pleased with the level of quality, professionalism and personality.  I would highly recommend Seunarayan Photography and will return for future shoots.

Mykelti, Founder of @Iyahscents

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Katrina is a skilled Photographer who is passionate about capturing precious moments. She began photography in 2009 and was soon obsessed with the fundamentals that make up a great photograph including light, shadows, composition, and emotion. When it comes to the art of photography, there are those who have the raw talent, a keen eye for the picture and the ability to pull it off, Katrina is one of them. Seunarayan Photography would love to be able to work with you to capture your memories  with a creative twist that inspires. Want to know more? 

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